Apartment / Condo Community Composting

Interested in having a community composting drop-off service within your condominium or apartment community? Details below - contact us to get started!


Available January 2021 for Sarasota Downtown Condos and Apartments


Residents register and pay per household for the service. Residents receive a food scrap collection bucket and then begin collecting their food scraps from their kitchen to store in their bucket. Buckets have a sealed lid and can be stored under the sink, next to your garbage bin or even in your fridge or freezer during the week. Once or twice a week or at the resident's convenience, residents go down to the larger community food scrap collection bin located within the condo facility and deposit their kitchen scraps from their bucket. One time per week (or as needed) Sunshine Community Compost picks up the condo food scraps from the facility’s collection bins to process the material offsite into compost, leaving behind a clean and empty collection bin for the next week of community food scrap collection.

It is so easy to compost in your condo - just bring your scraps to the central condo collection bin and we'll transfer them offsite for processing one time per week!


  • Reduction in landfill solid waste generated by your condo community

  • Reduced volume of food scraps clogging up residential kitchen sink disposals

  • Community building through education and participation by residents

  • Reduction in negative impacts of landfills, related GHG emissions, pollution

  • Increased opportunity for local soil building and fresh food production


  • Food scrap collection bucket with lid

  • Sticker label indicating what can be composted

  • Training on how to compost and access to monthly online Q&A sessions

  • Peace of mind with the ability to create soil and new friends instead of more waste

  • Option to receive compost back 2x per year


  • Host an onsite planning meeting with SCC to discuss the program design elements.

  • Determine location(s) for community food scrap collection bin(s) with easy access for residents to deposit scraps and for SCC to pick-up scraps

  • Collaborate with SCC to schedule a resident Q & A session at condo as appropriate for condo culture

  • Collaborate with SCC to schedule and host 2 initial in-house compost classes with program details for those that want to participate

  • Promote the compost program training sessions and program participation within the condo community 

  • Collaborate to develop the program launch time frame and schedule

  • Receive bi-annual impact results and offer feedback on program as needed to help SCC better meet needs.


Invited to attend a compost program training to learn more—get all your composting questions answered and no obligation participate.


Register and pay for the $14.50 recurring monthly service, cancel at anytime.