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Confirmation and Orientation Details Below

You are now a registered participant of the food scrap drop-off program. Thank you for registering!
  • YOUR FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION BUCKET and/or STICKER (listing acceptable materials) will be dropped at your selected drop-off site within 1 week of your registration if you indicated that you want a bucker and/or sticker. It will be left in the "BROWNS" bin. Please open that labeled bin at the site and look for your bucket. 
  • THE PROGRAM IS FREE TO PUBLIC THROUGH 12/31/20. After that date, only registered participants will be able to deposit scraps using a code to access the system.
  • PLEASE WATCH the 3 minute video and follow the weigh and record protocol so that we can track impacts and we all have a good experience. It's a simple process to participate, but important that everyone follow the protocol. 
  • We will continue maintaining compost bins through manual labor with a pitchfork and also transferring excess volumes to a partner processor. Neither of these methods can accept contamination like veggie stickers, rubber bands, and twist ties or large, bulky, un-chopped materials which make this process much more labor intensive.
  • PLEASE INFORM US if you see anything that looks out of balance at the site via email/ text ASAP so we can fix it in between our site visits - examples: out of "browns", scale is missing, active bin is to the very brim full and cannot take more deposits, vandalism, etc. 650-743-3104.
  • ONLY DEPOSIT IN THE "YES" BIN -  It is labeled "ACTIVE" or "YES". All other bins are in different stages of curing and cannot receive raw food scraps and are labeled as "NO".
  • SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER if you'd like to receive program updates and information about when to pick up finished compost.
Questions are always welcome. Thank you and happy composting! 

Inspiring Bundle of Composting Resources 

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