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Confirmation and Orientation Details Below

You are now a registered participant of the food scrap drop-off program. Thank you for registering!
  • YOUR FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION BUCKET and/or STICKER (listing acceptable materials) will be dropped at your selected drop-off site within 1 week of your registration if you indicated that you want a bucker and/or sticker. It will be left in the "BROWNS" bin. Please open that labeled bin at the site and look for your bucket. 
  • THE PROGRAM IS FREE TO PUBLIC THROUGH 12/31/20. After that date, only registered participants will be able to deposit scraps using a code to access the system.
  • PLEASE WATCH the 3 minute video and follow the weigh and record protocol so that we can track impacts and we all have a good experience. It's a simple process to participate, but important that everyone follow the protocol. 
  • We will continue maintaining compost bins through manual labor with a pitchfork and also transferring excess volumes to a partner processor. Neither of these methods can accept contamination like veggie stickers, rubber bands, and twist ties or large, bulky, un-chopped materials which make this process much more labor intensive.
  • PLEASE INFORM US if you see anything that looks out of balance at the site via email/ text ASAP so we can fix it in between our site visits - examples: out of "browns", scale is missing, active bin is to the very brim full and cannot take more deposits, vandalism, etc. 650-743-3104.
  • ONLY DEPOSIT IN THE "Food Scrap" BIN -  It is labeled "ACTIVE" or "YES". All other bins are in different stages of curing and cannot receive raw food scraps and are labeled as "NO".
  • SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER if you'd like to receive program updates and information about when to pick up finished compost.
  • FREE CLASSES are available to all participants when classes are scheduled.
Questions are always welcome. Thank you and happy composting! 

Inspiring Bundle of Composting Resources 

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