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Restaurant or Business
Food Scrap Pick-Up Program

Are you interested in having the food scraps generated at your restaurant or business be composted instead of wasted in a landfill? We can help. 


Available for City of Sarasota Restaurants or Businesses


We train your staff, get you the supplies you need to get started. Then once or twice a week we pick up food scraps or inedible wasted food from your restaurant or business and compost it. It's that easy.

Food scrap to compost pick-up services includes 1-2 x weekly pick-up visits to your restaurant or business, billed on a monthly rate basis listed below.

Commercial Price Sheet_2021_9.29.21.jpg

Service includes:

  • Weekly compost station maintenance or

  • Weekly swapping out of full food scraps toters or buckets and replacing them with fresh and clean ones

  • Biannual or annual impact reports


Alternative containers or bucket sizes can be made available in equivalent volumes of smaller bins as needed to accommodate and space constraints


  • Reduction in landfill solid waste generated by your condo community

  • Reduced volume of food scraps clogging up residential kitchen sink disposals

  • Community building through education and participation by residents

  • Reduction in negative impacts of landfills, related GHG emissions, pollution

  • Increased opportunity for local soil building and fresh food production


  • Food scrap collection toters or bucket
    with lid

  • Sticker labels indicating what can
    be composted

  • Peace of mind with the ability to create soil and new friends instead of more waste

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