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Compost-A-Thon Participant FAQs

 Registration for scrap collection NOW CLOSED check out panel discussions still open

What are the high-level instructions I need to know to participate?

Participants need to collect fruit and veg scraps on their own from May 2-8 and then deposit them at a pre-determined food scrap drop-off station on May 8. All scrap deposits are weighed and the total is added to our community wide tally that will be reported back on a live virtual event on the evening of May 8

What materials should I collect for the compost?

Collect all of the materials indicated on the list to the right. Click on the list to enlarge it or to print it for your kitchen or fridge

What materials should I avoid?

Do not put vegetable or fruit stickers in the compost, no rubber bands, twist ties or plastic of any kind. No "compostable" containers of any kind or animal meat or parts - exception is crushed egg shells.
Support great compost-making by watching this short video and eliminating these items from your compost collections -don't put these in the compost!  THANK YOU!

What type of container should I collect my scraps in during the week of May 2-8th?

Any kind of container that seals closed will work to collect your scraps for the week. Some examples are below. Note, if you have a 5 gallon bucket but no lid, you can simply use a large ceramic plate to cover it. 
Screenshot 2021-02-25 092551.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-25 094837.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-25 095140.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-25 093033.jpg

How should I store my food scraps during the week until I deposit them on May 8th?

You can store your food scraps in a sealed container under your sink, in your fridge or your freezer. Some folks simply put them in a bag in their fridge or freeze, some leave a sealed plastic container on the counter for easy access, others keep a 5 gallon bucket in the garage or outside their back door and drop them into that every few days till they go to the compost drop site.

I'd like my business or restaurant to participate in Compost-A-Thon, how can you help?

If you want to engage your business or restaurant, we can offer you the number of rolling organics toters that you think you will need for the week. We will drop them off a day or so before May 2, let you fill them all week, and the we'll come and weigh them and pick them up on May 8 (or May 7) if you are a 9-5 M-F business. We can also offer short, brown-bag lunch talks to your team or help your restaurant kitchen crew get situated for food scrap collection during the week of May 2-8. Email us directly with questions at

What time should I go to my selected drop-off site to deposit my scraps on May 8th?

Sites have different drop-off times to accommodate a range of needs. Check the main Compost-A-Thon page for each site's drop-off time frame. Registered participants will be sent an email reminder the week before the event about your drop-off site.

What if I can't make it to a drop-off site on May 8th?

A limited number of sites will have drop-off times on Friday May 7th or we may be able to work out special arrangements with you to recover scraps if the listed site time frames don't work.

What if I already have a home compost bin - can I still participate?

Yes! You can participate and / or you can register to host a home compost hub site and get you friends or family involved in Compost-A-Thon. Prizes will be awarded to the home compost hub site that recruits the most households to deposit scraps in their bin. Home compost hub sites can be offered a loaned food scrap scale and loaner food scrap collection buckets for the people you recruit to deposit in your compost bin if desired. All loaned materials must be recovered by our team after May 8th.

What if I want to host a home compost hub site and participate, but am not available on May 8th?

If you want to be a home compost hub site, all you need to do is determine the best drop-off time and day for you and then let the folks in your network that you recruit to participate know when to come to deposit their food scraps.

What if I already participate in a food-scrap drop-off program in Sarasota or Manatee? Can I still participate in Compost-A-Thon?

Yes! Your deposits for the week of Compost-A-Thon will be added to the tally. You are invited to register and bring your scraps to your usual drop site at the times listed for Compost-A-Thon to sync up wiht this effort, but it is not required. Also, you could inspire some friends to register to participate in the event or you could even have your friends or neighbors collect their scraps that week and give them to you to deposit for them. One of our metrics is how many households participated, so we encourage you to have any one you encouraged to participate to register using the form below.

Are there prizes and if so what are they?

There will be prizes and they will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Prizes will be given to:
  • The person who guesses correctly the grand total of food scraps we collect by the end of the week
  • The home compost hub site that recruits the most participants at their site
  • Everyone who posts a photo on social media May 2-8 will be entered into a raffle drawing
  • Every home composter who has 2 or more additional households contribute scraps to their bin from May 2-8 collections, will be entered into the raffle drawing.


1. Register to participate so we know how many deposits to plan for
2. Receive FAQs, instructions, videos and tools delivered to your email inbox
3. Collect appropriate food scraps during the May 2-8 designated collection week.
4. Deposit food scraps at your selected food scrap drop-off site at the end of the week
5. Scraps will be weighed and recorded, added to the grand total community tally.
6 Enjoy virtual events and educational posts throughout the week in honor of this years theme Eat, Grow, Compost, Repeat
Register to participate so we know how many deposits to plan for

Screenshot 2021-03-15 183728.png













  1. UF IFAS Ext. Manatee
  2. Palma Sola Botanical Gardens
  3. Manatee Square Garden
  4. Village of the Arts
  5. North Water Tower Park
  6. Orange Blossom Community Garden
  7. The Bazaar on Lime
  8. Gillespie Park
  9. Fogartyville
  10. SRQ Farmers Market
  11. The Center Anna Maria Island
  12. Arlington Park
  13. UF IFAS Ext Sarasota
  14. Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast


PARTNER SITES​ (Not open for general public)
  1. Mote Marine
  2. CitySide Apartments​
  3. The Haven
  4. Girls Inc
  5. Leaf and Lentil
  6. Visible Men Academy (TBD)








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