Join our community of composters who are using neighborhood park compost sites to reduce food scrap waste! 
How do the neighborhood park community compost sites work? If you live in the City of Sarasota and want to compost at a community compost site, read on and follow the steps below.
1. Watch this 3 minute orientation video 
2. If you are willing to follow the protocol outlined in the video then email  to confirm your interest and indicate which park project you want to join.
PARK SITE LOCATIONS: Gillespie Park, Arlington Park, North Water Tower Park
3. You can request a specific park or be assigned one based on your neighborhood. Once you know what park, then you will be given the exact location of the site within the park and offered to receive a kitchen scrap collection bucket to use to collect your scraps at home.
4. Collect scraps at home according to this guideline of appropriate compostable materials
5. Deposit the materials at the site each week or at your convenience, ensuring that you follow the protocol.
6. Remember to only deposit in the one and only "ACTIVE/YES" bin. All other bins onsite are in different stages of processing - PLEASE, do not deposit in any other bin.
7. Approximately 2-3 times a year, come to the site at a designated time to pick up finished compost that you can use at home or in community projects.
*Weigh your scraps like everyone else with the onsite scale (helps us measure impact & inspire future funding.
*Record the weight in pounds so that we can track impact to fund the program
*Cover your deposit with "browns".
Depending on your region, we can develop partnerships with a number of stakeholders to increase composting efforts that are central to the community. We provide free training at locations within close proximity to the neighborhood like libraries and coffee shops. We provide all of the program supplies, hands-on training AND we manage the compost station. All you have to do is weigh and deposit your food scraps one time per week and wait to receive rich compost every 4-6 months once your food scraps are fully decomposed and sweet smelling!
For those who are not yet comfortable in hosting a backyard compost bin on their own, who don't have space, or simply like to gather with others in this effort, this is a great option. 
Collaborating with established community groups and working together ensures long-term sustainability of these efforts.
These programs have limited funding at this time, so we encourage everyone who enjoys these services to donate to Sunshine Community Compost to help keep the programs running! Show your support for this community work and donate today!  

© 2017 All photos by Tracie Troxler