Helpful Videos

​Ever wonder just how valuable that banana peel is? Check out how these familiar hollywood faces help spread the word about the beauty and importance of composting! (6 minutes).

Food Waste: Managing a Solvable Problem at the Food, Water, and Energy Nexus

Sustainable Communities Event 2018 - 5 minute lightning talk on Local Community Composting Initiatives
​This video is for newcomers to our programs and explains and demonstrates how to properly use our compost sites at a Sunshine Community Compost city park site. (~3 minutes).
The City of Calgary does a great job explaining how landfills work and why "waste" should be considered a resource (3 mins.)
Learn about the national community composting movement and how to get involved!

© 2017 All photos by Tracie Troxler 

Have fun learning from St. John's 3rd grade class about how to compost properly with this fun 3 min video.
Monks in Thailand created a monastery out of glass bottles - WOW! Check it out as a great example of resource recovery (1.5 mins.)
Food Matters - Food Waste by the NRDC

© 2017 All photos by Tracie Troxler