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Ready for your community to start composting? If you live within the Sarasota City limits we offer a program just for you!

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How to get Started

  • Residents can register and pay per household for the service at $14.50/month.

    • Includes a food scrap collection container for the kitchen.

    • The option to receive compost portions back 2x per year.

  • Residents work with management to establish a group commercial rate based on commercial rate structure that begins at $65/month for 1 of 21 gal bin maintained weekly.

    • The number of households that can be accommodated depends on individual resident combined volumes.

  • We can host a 3-6 month pilot project if needed to determine baseline for your group or if it makes sense to host a station for a longer term project.

Considerations for Management

  • Host an onsite planning meeting with SCC to discuss the program design elements.

  • Determine location(s) for community food scrap collection bin(s) with easy access for residents to deposit scraps and for SCC to pick-up scraps.

  • Collaborate with SCC to schedule a resident Q & A session at apartment or condo.

  • Collaborate with SCC to schedule and host 2 initial in-house compost classes with program details for those that want to participate.

  • Promote the compost program training sessions and program participation within the condo community.

  • Collaborate to develop the program launch time frame and schedule.

  • Receive bi-annual impact results and offer feedback on program as needed to help SCC better meet needs.

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