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Sunshine Community Compost is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to to transform hearts, minds and food scraps through the practice and principles of composting. Our work is focuses on collaborating with communities about how to shift cultural practices related to resource management away from waste generation and towards resource creation, using regenerative and sustainable approaches.  


We teach new skills, re-educate about perceptions and the impacts of "waste"  and rely on strong collaborations to develop our programs. We are able to bring education and action programs into people's backyards, neighborhood parks, schools, congregations, and places of work, and the result is that enormous amounts of formerly perceived "wastes" are diverted from the landfill, re-purposed in meaningful ways or transformed into a rich soil amendment that is full of life and nourishment for our soils and our communities.​ Teaching, engaging, activating people and shifting perceptions about composting helps form reciprocal relations with the planet and our communities and aims at the roots of how "waste" is created in the first place, the depths of seen and unseen variables that are wasted, and who ends up bearing the greatest burdens from and experiencing the impacts of waste in our culture. Our goal is to create collaborative solutions that are founded in action and that use the principles of composting to create change.


Our services include classes for youth and adults, community composting drop-off sites, school composting programs, partnerships with local businesses, nonprofits and community organizations. We seek to re-examine and fill in gaps in education about how the creation of material and food waste got started, how incremental actions have led to the global changes that exist today related to material and food waste and what actions we can take in our community and beyond to be part of the solution. We hope our work will transform food scraps into soil, strengthen community connections, and grow good local food and healthier environments that enrich the present and contribute to a future where all life on the planet can thrive.  


Since our first pilot program in late 2016, we have diverted 230,000 pounds of material from the landfill (nearly 21 tons) while building local fertility and reducing the impacts of pollution. Together we are stronger and together we are re-valuing and recovering precious resources that will revitalize us All. 

Community composting and local resource recovery are growing movements that help support local self-reliance, urban agriculture, local abundance, and reciprocity with the Earth. Check out our website or fill in the contact form below to learn more. Thank you and happy community composting!

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